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Travel prep - Tuesday update

Booked my flights on Delta for the weekend of the 15th. Unfortunately they all stink and require me to come home late and leave early, i.e. Sunday afternoon. At least I'll be comfortable; the Sheraton National has really good rates that weekend, probably because the Congresscritters and lobbyists will all be out of town.

Unfortunately that's not the case for this weekend. I need to go home and look at my Entertainment book to see if I have any useful hotel discounts, since that's probably going to determine whether I crash at the Days Inn Crystal City, the Virginian Suites off Route 50, or someplace else in the Alexandria/Crystal City/Arlington area. Washington itself? You must be kidding me. The choices there are insanely expensive places like the Watergate Hotel or fleabags out on New York Avenue. Anything in Maryland is just too far away from the airport - I don't want to be fighting rush hour traffic at 5 AM Monday morning, thank you.

UPDATE: Days Inn Pentagon, hands down. Four miles from DCA and $65/night. w00t! As for the suitcase, it can wait until tomorrow. My body demands sleep!

UPDATE II: As a bonus, the Days Inn Pentagon is next door to both a SunTrust branch and a coffee house that offers free WiFi. They're only open until 1900, but they open at 0700, so that means plenty of time to suck up coffee and surf.

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