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Loose ends

I finally managed to finish the data entry job this morning. It was a real PITA, worse than the huge UCLA surveys since the verification process consisted of re-entering all the data one had already bashed into the computer. Last night is pretty much a blur...I started the batch as soon as I got home around 1745 and went to bed four hours later after nodding off a couple of times on the last pages. So I got up at 0400, started verification at 0430, and managed to wrap up at 0700....after which I showered, grabbed things I needed to bring in to work, and took off for North Minneapolis to drop of the documents. Despite my e-mail, nobody answered the door after I rang the doorbell and called, so I left a message on the boss' answering machine and put the docs in the door. Not doing any more of those until I get back from DC, and maybe not even then. Anyhow, what with all the snow and consequent traffic snarlage I didn't get into work until 0915, which means I won't be getting out of here until almost 1800. Bleah.

After taxes and fees, I made about $8.50 on each of my options, and that's mostly going to pay off some bills which haven't been dealt with in a while. Most of the rest will go to replace the lost salary from the two days I took off without pay while waiting for short-term disability to kick in; there may be enough left over to get my library card out of hock now that I've found all three books again. We'll see. Either that or I'll buy a new pair of cheap jeans, since my last pair blew out their buttonhole this weekend.

Tonight, a visit to the last gun shop in Minneapolis for a pistol case and a cleaning kit; a trip to Victory Village (who will probably be closed by the time I get there) for a used Samsonite suitcase, and then home for a relatively early bedtime. Ten hours in the last two nights is not nearly enough.
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