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And now a few words on economics

Jane Galt discusses the stagnation of the American median wage and the reasons why it's happening. The concluding paragraph is, as usual for her, exactly on point:

The government could shoot illegal immigrants on sight, force women out of the labour market, curtail trade, and slow the pace of technology growth so as to reduce the return on skilled labour. But these are not good things for the government to be doing. Making the country as a whole poorer in order to reduce income inequality doesn't sound to me like a good idea. I realise that many liberal commentators claim that they can do this without sacrificing growth. But I don't see how.

I don't see how the government could do any of those things, moonbats who think The Handmaid's Tale is just around the corner to the contrary. We can't even get a supposedly conservative , pro-national security Administration to close off the Mexican border or PNG all those obnoxious Mexican consuls who seem to have forgotten who won the 1847 war. RTWT, and particularly the comments; there are some interesting ones in there.