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When Black Friday comes

I am not going anywhere near the Sprawl or any other shopping mall, because those people are fucken' crazy. Driving in to work this morning through the snow (1-3 inches, so what?) I heard Bob Davis on the radio, marveling at the lunatics who had been waiting since 0130 for the doors to open at the Sprawl so they could get a $10 gift card. Sweet Bleeding Jeebus. That's not even $2 an hour, people. At least all those people were out in the 'burbs; the drive in to work this morning was smooth and easy with no slowdowns or problems, and the ramp at the Gaviidae was blessedly empty.

Today is going to be pretty light on work, which gives me plenty of time to fiddle with Travelocity and see if I can figure out how to get home to DC sometime next month without utterly bankrupting myself. A couple of my friends are helping out with this, but that's no reason not to try and do it on the cheap. So far it looks like I can get a flight and hotel package for about $300 without either having to pack Masha in the checked baggage in order to fight off the crackheads, sleep on the couch at Mom's, or drive in from Baltimore. Much depends on whether I can in fact use all the leftover frequent flyer miles from Delta that Mom & Dad can't/won't use - apparently I can, but I need some information that I don't have right now.

So...how was yesterday's feast? Pretty good. I played chauffeur for huladavid and jamestrainor; redmartel had arrived earlier. We managed to avoid talking shop for the most part, which was also good. ^^ Dinner was excellent, although since I had wound up with the bulk of the cooking utensils Scott was reduced to trying to carve the extremely moist turkey with a normal fork, which didn't actually work too well. Potatoes were great, as was the gravy; the yams had apparently vanished somewhere in the kitchen, and we got too stuck into the main course to remember the squash. Oops. I thought the stuffing had too many mushrooms, but I was in the minority; as for dessert, the Marie Callendar pies were very good, as was the carrot cake redmartel brought. I didn't have any of the chocolate cheesecake phoenixalpha baked, but apparently it was extremely dense and rich, which is the way cheesecake ought to be. (Call me a philistine, but I prefer not to mix chocolate and cheesecake.)Things broke up about 8 PM after we watched Castle In the Sky, which was one of the first anime the kids has seen (I had brought home a fansub of it along with Kiki's Delivery Service on phoenixalpha's 12th brthday) and some of And Now For Something Completely Different. I dropped my pasengers off, went home and washed dishes, took medication, and went to bed around 2300.

Slept in until 0700 by accident (the alarm clock had become unplugged) but made it into work with plenty of time to spare because I drove in. Plans for the weekend include helping huladavid move tomorrow, getting together with redmartel to do some long-delayed wargaming, and thrashing on some data entry that's due Monday night. It's only 201 pages with 2-4 records per page, so I figure tonight and Sunday ought to do it.
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