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"Posting when I oughta be showering..."

(Sung to the tune of "Stealin'" by Uriah Heep)

Lots of stuff on the agenda this weekend...training on the Hi-Tech Room Party Kit, a pocky run to [deleted for security reasons], the Zombiefest, and maybe, just maybe staying up late enough for The Root Of All Evil especially if Earl is back in the saddle tonight. That's just Saturday. Tomorrow I'll crawl out of bed, de-scunge the old body, consume drugs of a medicinal nature, and motor forth to River Falls for Lindsey Wollin's anime sleepover, which (alas) I will not actually be sleeping over at since I have a dental appointment bright and early Monday morning.

[Bill Murray voice] "I want a long...slow...root canal." [/Bill Murray voice]

Somewhere in the midst of all this I need to pop down to Sam's Club to get some decent hummus at a reasonable price (Make my own? Shut up! Who has time for that?) get some more work done on the damned financial statements, and...and...oh yeah. Homework for the reading course.

Just finished Polite Lies by Kyoko Mura, which is a depressing book not merely for its description of womens' place in Japanese society but because of its insights into how the Japanese language and customs constrain not merely behavior but thought. It's doubly depressing because it makes me wonder if my characterizations of Reiko and Tetsuko in Blood Red Skies are anywhere near plausible, or whether Reiko will come off as completely psychotic as opposed to merely driven. I suppose if I didn't care how realistic the characters and settings were I could just go ahead and write them the way I want to write them, but I do. So I can't.

Currently rereading Orson Scott Card's Shadow Puppets.
Tags: blood red skies, books, the bush of fandom
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