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Being responsible for your children

The uproar reported in, and caused by, this story seems weird to me, but then the ex and I, not being former cheerleaders or beauty queens, were somewhat old-fashioned in our insistence that our children should behave themselves in public and not act like feral animals. This is a concept a lot of "modern" parents don't seem to grasp, the Rousseauist assholes. Yes, I'm sure your child is wonderful, but when it's howling in the middle of the restaurant it needs to leave, not continue making the rest of us miserable so you can puff yourself up about what a wonderful, sensitive parent you are. No. You're being a lazy shithead who doesn't want to do the hard work of teaching your children how to behave like civilized human beings. It's all about the discipline, baby. Get some.

Via TrekMaster James, though Number 2 Pencil had it first.
Tags: culture w/o politics
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