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Agonizing reappraisal

I should probably wait to do this until I've had more sleep (like, tomorrow) but since I haven't missed a whole weekend of LJ entries since September (due to Anime Iowa) I think I ought to deal with it today. Besides, it was a fairly quiet weekend.

Saturday was the busy day of the weekend: I slept in and managed to miss the first part of huladavid's moving party, but made it to the Sheraton in time for the programming brainstorming meeting. That went really well - there were, as one attendee commented, more ideas than they could use in two years' worth of conventions. The brainstorming segued into a consuite department meeting that I wasn't originally on the list for, but I said to petsnakereggie that since I was there anyway and had missed the last meeting I really should show up for this one. This meeting was mercifully short, which was just as well since I was starting to feel tired and a bit light-headed by the end of it. Dinner at Q.Cumbers ensued, after a brief detour to Half Price Books where I picked up a copy of Bruce Catton's This Hallowed Ground and Chris Bunch's Firemask.

Sunday was spent on laundry, a (very) little bit of shopping, filling out my FAFSA for the winter term, downloading AMVs, and farting around with Civ III. Later in the evening I discovered that the portable hard drive of the Room Party Kit doesn't work with the Deskpro. *shrug*

The reappraisal part has to do with what I'm going to do with myself for the next couple of years.

I need to finish the MA program at St. Mary's. The question is, considering how many incompletes and craters I have on my transcript at this point, are they going to let me? If they don't, what are my options? My PPST scores may be high enough that another school might take pity on me, especially since there are extenuating circumstances. There's also the possibility that I could sign up for Teach For America, though as far as I can tell their tastes run more to optimistic, impressionable young Ivy League Anglos as opposed to crusty old curmudgeonly Hispanic Joooos like yours truly. I'm also not too thrilled at the idea of being thrown into the trenches of some hellhole like Washington DC as the educrats' version of cannon fodder. We'll see; I dashed off an e-mail describing myself and my circumstances to them last night. If I get a reply that boils down to "OMGWTFBBQ!!!!one111!!!" then I guess we can kiss that option goodbye.

It'll be a little easier to deal with the program next summer and fall, since I'll be done with the chairman's gig at Anime Detour and can blow off a few meetings now and again. I know people want me to stick around as a resource and to provide some continuity, but I don't really see a role for myself on staff after this. There's things I could do, but nothing that really motivates me, and if I'm just sticking around as a utility infielder and troubleshooter at large, I don't have a lot of reason to be around all the time. Which would give me plenty of time to work on school stuff...but increase my sense of disconnection from the convention I've moved so many mountains of paper for these last three years.
I'm also not sure how much time I want to spend on Convergence, Diversicon, Arcana and AI in the coming year or two.

Finally, people have been urging me to get the Rebel Baseball Review back up and running as a website, which isn't going to be very practical unless I have relatively empty summer months in which I can work on doing the necessary writing and number crunching.

All of these things take time, time that I could spend on something that looks kind of like a social life. What I do know is that I should probably think about all this some more after I've had a decent night's sleep.
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