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Interests quiz

Gacked from kawaii_shoujo

LJ Interests meme results

  1. atlantic league:
    One of baseball's several independent minor leagues, with teams mostly in the New York-New Jersey area. Sort of a quadruple-A league with a fair number of fringe major leaguers hoping to get another shot at the big time.
  2. can-am league:
    Formerly known as the eastern division of the Northern League, before that the Northeast League. Roughly similar to the Northern League, which means it's a step down from the Atlantic League. Most teams are in New York and New England.
  3. francisco franco:
    Interesting guy who rose from fairly obscure origins to become the leader of the Nationalist rebels during the Spanish Civil War and later, undisputed head of the Spanish state. I particularly recommend Preston's biography of him.
  4. h.p. lovecraft:
    One of many American writers who became better known after his death (see also Emily Dickinson, Poe). Creator of the Cthulhu Mythos, which set horror off in a very different direction from the traditional witches & monsters sort of thing that had been predominant.
  5. jason & the scorchers:
    A great cowpunk band that came along too soon to become famous.
  6. major league baseball:
    Time begins on opening day. Hoops and football have their fans, but baseball is still the national pastime.
  7. megumi hayashibara:
    Voice actress who has become the Paul Newman of anime: if she's in it, it doesn't suck. Has also released several CDs of non-anime music and runs an extremely popular radio show.
  8. republicans:
    I've been one since 1980, when I voted for President Reagan via absentee ballot while stationed in Germany. Less active now than I used to be.
  9. sf:
    Been reading it since I was in first grade, when I discovered Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle In Time. Been attending SF conventions since 1974 when the World Science Fiction Convention came to Washington DC.
  10. tangerine dream:
    Great electronic music band from Germany.

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