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Mixed emotions

The ultrasound was an odd and uncomfortable experience, but at least I didn't have to drink a quart of radioactive lemonade or get shot up with some kind of flourescent crap. The conductive gel for the transducer was even pre-warmed, which was very nice.

Blind Man's Bluff by Sontag, Drew & Drew is an excellent tale of Cold War espionage conducted by the navy's submariners over six decades against the Soviet Union and other enemies. There are some interesting new perspectives on the Glomar Explorer tale as well as a bunch of other shadowy tales from that end of the service...nobody will ever do a book like this about the Army's SIGINT efforts. People would die of boredom. One of the neat parts about this book is the extensive use of interviews with former Soviet navy officers to get the other side of the story, which for so long had been a matter of pure speculation or highly classified intel. Very much recommended .

Melody has found an online source of pocky and ramune. Unfortunately they're in California, which means that they're useful as suppliers for the Volunteer Party & CONvergence, but not for the Zombiefest...well, have to see what I can come up with before heading over to Arkham Asylum tomorrow afternoon.

Listening to the Twins and Phillies tonight, I'm not sure which team to root for. I've liked the Phillies since '91 when the "Gypsies Tramps & Thieves" first came together. Well, regardless of which team wins, I'll be happy.
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