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Oh, man, you HAD to go there and drag me with you!

Uh oh...

...there it is.

Of course, I read these strips not long after filling out the Forty Questions meme, and Question #31 came immediately to mind, and while she wasn't even on the list of women who popped into my head at the time, after seeing the strips I couldn't stop my mind from going down that particular road. Yeah, I was thinking about the junior Senator from New York. Is she cold and calculating and always in control 24x7 so that doing her would be like the scene from Network where Faye Dunaway is constantly going on about business while she's shtupping William Holden? Or is she one of these women who lets it all hang out behind closed doors? Vanilla, fudge ripple, or rocky road with whipped cream and a cherry on top? Not that I'm ever likely to find out one way or the other, but one does wonder about these things, and regrets it immediately thereafter.

Not posted from work for fairly obvious reasons. >_<

EDIT: It's also worth pointing out that she hasn't drunk the "peace at any price" Kool-Aid being peddled by her fellow Democratic senators such as Reid, Kennedy, and Jay "No, I'm not responsible for my vote" Rockefeller.
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