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Welcome back! Could you jump through your butt for the next eight hours, please?

Back to work today, which was actually a relief after the last two weeks of lying around the place waiting for the drugs and white cells to finish kicking bacterial ass. There is such a thing as too much rest, at least for me. So how did work go?

Ah, my fine fellow employees of the Evil Banking Neighbor.
Eat me, you stupid fuckers. You can all eat my ass through my used underwear. I warned you at the end of October that Customer Accounting would be closed on November 11 for Veterans' Day, since the Fed is closed and lo, we do no work on days when the Fed is closed. So how many of you sent me e-mail or called today wanting to know what happened to the files you sent me on Friday, November 11? Twelve. You should all be fired for massive, glaring incompetence, shot as an example to others, and replaced by immigrants from Latin America who at least speak Spanish and/or English with some degree of competence and who can be trained to recognize the phrase "We will be closed on [insert holiday date here] and your files will not be processed until [insert date of next business day here]."

That was how I felt before I tried to log in to the mainframe to do the work of the day and found out my access had been suspended. I mean, WTF? How the hell am I supposed to do my job if I can't log into the goddamn mainframes? I can only do so much research in a day, asshats. *sigh* I wound up using my supervisor's logins, which aside from being Bad Security just gives me a really creepy feeling. I apparently get to do this for two more days until Security pulls its thumb out of its ass and turns my accesses on again. Happy happy joy joy.

In the meantime, I did manage to load two and a half days' worth of files - the half a day being made up of losers who sent their files to my personal mailbox instead of the group mailbox that my backup has access to....and yes, they too could not understand why their files did not appear in the daily reports. Dumbasses. I also did a couple of product changes, but the rest of the backed-up work is going to have to wait for tomorrow. I suppose I can't really complain about that, since I'm usually dying for some real work to do.

Christ, no wonder I've had indigestion since lunch. Still, my blood sugar is low, and I must feed.
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