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Weekend inertia

I went to bed around midnight last night after returning from errands, which is pretty early for me of late, and slept in until about 10. Decided not to go to the Stipple-APA collation but rather just stay home and do laundry by way of preparing to go back to work on Monday. Also, I think I spent too much time up and around yesterday, because my legs are a little more swollen than they have been this week. So it's back to bed for the day, I think.

Part of this may just be depression. The last thing I really needed right now, when cash is short and life in general is being difficult, was to spend time yesterday reading through my journals from 1999-2001. On the one hand, reading about how things just completely went to pieces is like picking at a scab over a wound, but on the other hand I can honestly say that life may suck at the moment, but it would have to crank up the suck by a couple orders of magnitude to be as bad as it was back then.

Time to eat something approximating breakfast, take drugs, and go back to bed, I think.
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