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Better living through chemicals

Yay, my meds finally arrived tonight! No, I won't be less surly, twisted and violent, but my blood sugar will be much much better, and that's what's important, ne? Also got good news from the clinic: my glucosylated hemoglobin (think quarterly blood sugar statement) is down to 6.6, which it hasn't been at in way too long. The bad news (you know there had to be bad news) is that they saw more protein in the excreta than they liked, so the Good Doctor will probably tell me to go back on the Lisinopril and I'm going to mutiny if she does. I am so sick of the tickly feeling in the back of my throat from that stuff that I'd be perfectly happy to lose a kidney in a few years if that was the cost of not taking the Lisinopril.

The reading class tonight was mercifully short - we got out at 7:30. Considering that I showed up a little after 6, since I don't get off work until 5:30, that made for a very short night of talk about reading. I need to take some time this weekend and catch up on my journals - I've read the text cover to cover, I just have to write about it - as well as working on my article presentation and my final project. No sweat.

It's 11 PM, and it's a good thing that tomorrow's jeans day....not staying up to hear the end of the Twins/Mets game, since I have faith in the Twinks' bullpen, if not in Gardenhire's managing skills.
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