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You're not going to see this every day

I don't normally have a lot of time for the Daily Kos, which I regard as just above Democratic Underground in terms of asshat moonbattery, but when they're right I have to give them their props and a link.

Adam Bonin is right on the money: Congresscritters Shays and Meehan are playing the same "Shut up, he explained" game that those dishonest fucks McCain and Feingold are playing, and are pissed off that Moulitsas and Krempasky called them on it in front of the blogosphere and the rest of Congress. Good. I'm glad they're upset. They deserve all the trouble this not-so-brilliant attempt at censorship gets them. I'm calling and writing my Congressman (Ramstad) to light him up about this - the boy has been acting pretty damn squishy of late and needs to show me some proof that he actually still believes in Republican party positions like, oh, free speech. Otherwise I'm going to do my best to find and support a challenger. Somebody has to keep these people honest.
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