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Layers of meaning

Evidently the PR boys were being unintentionally accurate when they chose the tagline they did for Jarhead. Ann Althouse comments on a pending plagiarism suit against the film's producers, and her commenters also have some fairly negative things to say about the flick from the perspective of troops who were actually in the Sandbox when Swofford was.

I'm still curious about the movie. I got the book for a buck at Half Price Books, and am certainly willing to loan it out (if I can find the damn thing) but it always struck me as being the kind of book a drama queen would write after a tour in the Corps. From my own experience in the Army, I can attest that they can't give you something you don't have when you go in, so it doesn't surprise me that Swofford came out disaffected and suffering from mild irony poisoning.

UPDATE: Apparently the movie isn't doing well at the box office, with a lot of folks leaving early and others complaining that they'd been misled by the ads into thinking the movie was pro-military.
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