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Gangsta != soldier

This Strategy Page essay speaks to a couple of subjects close to my heart: schools and the military. The gist of the article is that urban schools aren't particularly fertile ground for recruiters, not only because of the poor education impartted by those schools, but because of the poor socialization skills imparted by the schools and the culture surrounding those schools. Many on the Left decry the fact that so many minorities join the military, but the fact is that among blacks and Hispanics*, the military has been a highly valued career. It was interesting to see a reference to urban parents farming their kids out to rural relatives so that they get brought up right, free of the negative influences of the city.

Also notable is this piece from the Washington Times. I wish the Army would fire the dumbasses who still, after thirty years, have failed to learn from the Marines and their highly successful "Maybe You Can Be One Of Us" campaign, to say nothing of similar efforts.

*That would be Borinquenos (PRs), Cubanos, and Mexicanos; more recent immigrants from Central and South America tend to have understandable nervousness about their kids being in the Army.
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