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Interesting times

This morning's wake-up call came courtesy of Met Life, who are the people that the Evil Banking Neighbor outsourced the short-term disability to, and it sounds like they're okay with paying me the one day of STD coverage I have coming after the seven (calendar) day waiting period. Gee, thanks, guys. I suppose it could have been worse; they could have gotten into a pissing contest with my doctors over whether the bedrest was necessary or not, but I guess for one day's pay they didn't think it was worth the trouble. So, I'll have missed three days last week (one covered by PTO) and three days this week, one of which will be covered by STD; the net will be four unpaid days out of the usual ten working days. Oh, this is going to hurt. I see a lot of turkey and ramen in my future.
Tags: medical stuff, work
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