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The King's displeasure

So I kept thinking about posting yesterday but never actually got around to it...mainly because I was distracted by Civ III, which is fun but full of minor annoyances.

WTF is up with the stupid resource rules? Once you have Chemistry, you should NOT have to have saltpeter mines to build cannon and musketeers! The same goes for coal mines and railroads, especially after one discovers refining! The worker units have also caused more damn trouble in terms of diplomatic irritation - if you automate them, and have part of your territory in an enclave within some other nation, the workers are going to cause constant problems as they keep trying to walk to the enclave. If you don't automate them, the number of units you have to handle individually doubles, at least.

I've also become irritated with the production interface. One of the nice things about the Call to Power series was that you could slide from city to city and remain in the production window; also, instead of an endless list of choices, things were divided into units and improvements. Also, things expired. In Game Year 2004, I should not still have the option to build Warriors, Horsemen, or Medieval Infantry. Sheesh.

There have also been some governments and unit types dropped from CTP. The Fascism government looks weaker and doesn't have its hard-hitting/high-maintenance Fascist unit any more, and Theocracy is gone completely. Which means that the Missionary and Televangelist units -not that I ever got to use the latter- are gone too. Apparently there's a quite detailed and well-made Fascism patch on file which fixes some of those problems, and I may look into that.

Finally, combat continues to be an irritant. I don't have problems with spearmen being able to bumrush riflemen (Isandhlwana, anyone?) but I have real problems with cavalry (even American-style dragoons) being able to assault fortresses and cities without taking horrendous losses, to say nothing of frigates being able to damage ironclads. Some things just should not be!

The game is still a lot of fun to play, though, and that's the important thing. I may take some time later and browse through the mod files on Apolyton to see if anyone's addressed any of my gripes. Meanwhile, I need to clean up and get ready for the AD meeting.
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