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I am not prone to argue

I was a good boy yesterday and spent most of yesterday in bed like I was supposed to. The result is that the left leg is looking and feeling somewhat better, though it still hurts when I put weight on it. So there'll be more of the same on the agenda today. Most of the bed time yesterday was spent proving to myself that Civ III cannot be beaten at anything above easy mode if you are contending with the full roster of AI players. The remainder was spent watching a sample disk that came with the Angelic Layer box set I ordered for the ATC Library.

The freebie disk had the first two episodes of Samurai 7, a retelling of Kurosawa's The Seven Samurai by GonzoBONES Studios, the folks who brought us Full Metal AlchemistLast Exile; the second episode of Burst Angel, which I'd seen at Anime Iowa; and the eighth episode of Kiddy Grade, which I didn't watch. Samurai 7 was okay. It starts slow, like the movie, and the setting is a steampunk Japan that looks sort of like the pre-Shogunate era in which the movie is set, but there appears to be more going on here than there was in the movie. I'd be interested in seeing more of this. As for Burst Angel, since I saw this subbed at AI I decided to watch it dubbed and get a tatse of Monica Rial's performance as Jo. Ooooo. Nice.

Angelic Layer also looks interesting, and may be the first thing I've seen from CLAMP since Magic Knights Rayearth that I've actually liked. The art doesn't seem as flashy and baroque as CLAMP stuff usually is, but then this is a more conventional story about a young middle school student coming to Tokyo for school who becomes involved in the national mania for the doll fighting game Angelic Layer. More comments once I've finished it.

Edited to incorporate corrections by acdragonmaster. Thanks!
SECOND EDIT: Well, apparently it's still all backwards. Go read the comments. You know you want to anyway.
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