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It had to happen

I called in sick this morning, burning my last or next to last day of PTO. The leg hurts too badly for me to want to be stumping around on it any more than I have to, and I needed the extra sleep anyway. I'm debating whether I should go in to urgent care tonight after I finish the docs, but for now I'm just sticking close to home sucking up the tea and eating soup. I'll see how I feel tonight.

UPDATE: Went to urgent care tonight, where the doctor was aghast at the looks of my leg - no small achievement, since this one's seen my other leg before. She had the nurses give me a couple of shots of Rocephin in the ass and put me on bedrest for the rest of the week, with the exception of a visit to my family physician tomorrow or a return engagement with urgent care if I can't get in to see Swendroski or one of her partners tomorrow. I guess I better look up the short term disability rules before I call in sick, because if I can't get STD things are going to suck real hard.
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