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Worth reading: an interview with James Webb, former Secretary of the Navy and author of Fields of Fire. Towards the end of the interview, Webb mentions that people have been encouraging him to run against Senator George Allen on the Democrat ticket. If he did, and if he was successful, Webb could do a lot to revive the largely defunct Scoop Jackson/Southern Democrat wing of the Democratic Party. I don't think he'd be very comfortable in that party, though; it would be a scene right out of his extremely depressing A Country Such As This were he to meet with the junior senator from New York. It says volumes about the Democrats these days that Hillary Clinton is what passes for a moderate Democrat.

Pertinent to his politics (and dwelt on briefly in the interview) is Webb's book Born Fighting, about the history and influence of the Scots-Irish in America. It's on my list; a lot of people whose opinions I respect speak highly of it.

Via Hugh Hewitt.