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Now that Miers has withdrawn...

I don't say this sort of thing often, and it's not like I'm some big wheel in the GOP whose opinions people actually care about, but Hugh Hewitt is full of crap about the fallout from Miers' withdrawal.

The Republican Party doesn't work the way he (and some of the folks in the Moonbat Left) think it does. We don't take orders from the White House, we don't take orders from talk show hosts, and we don't take kindly to politicians and pundits who tell us to shut up and soldier. We are Republicans because we share common values and views; with some of us, those are positive values and desires for the kind of America we want to live in, and with others of us, because we fear the kind of America the Democrats want to build - have built, in some places. Now, this means that if we have a problem with the way our Congressmen, Senators and Presidents are doing their jobs, we're not going to just shut up and play along. When they're doing something we object to, we're going to call them on it - and at the next election, take their whole record into account before we decide to vote for them again.

Rush was right (as usual, heh heh) in his essay a few weeks back in the Wall Street Journal. We conservatives fight a lot, because we believe in certain things and we want our "leaders" to conform to those beliefs - which is why a lot of conservatives are hard on RINO politicians like Arlen Specter, Lincoln Chafee, and their ilk. The fighting doesn't mean the losers are going to go off and sulk - we're all going to pull together when push comes to shove. This has happened before, as Rush observed, and we've come out of it all the stronger. That's the way we work.

Captain Ed has some other comments on Hugh's tantrum.
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