wombat_socho (wombat_socho) wrote,

Schedule goes *clunk*

Well...woke up too late to make it to the MISFITS picnic, which I had planned on taking a pass on, but certain people wanted to go, so I roused myself and went forth with her in the Kia, arriving ~7 PM just as the storm was moving in. Unsurprisingly, nobody remained that we recognized, so we headed on home with a stop en route for groceries (including pita bread) and got home only to realize that we'd gotten everything but pita bread. Ah, well. Stayed up entirely too late listening to the Earl Root-less Root Of All Evil (which nonetheless had some slammin' tracks) and reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix so I could get a better handle on Hermione and Ron for this wretched Utena/HP crossover fic I'm wasting time on.

Meant to get up at 10 on Sunday but drowsed until noon, got all cleaned up & purty for the Diversicon meeting and was halfway there when Phoenixalpha reminded me that I had promised to show up at the CONvergence meeting. I rationalized the change in plans by musing that CONvergence was less than a month away and thus was more urgent than Diversicon, especially D13 which is in 2005. That worked out okay; we swung by Wendy's for a quick lunch en route and made it to the meeting in plenty of time except that I 1) left my pop in the truck and had to go back for it and then 2)somehow left the headlights on, which I sent Melody out to deal with. Growling and fussing ensued, but she went and took care of the lights anyway. Once again I marveled at the efficiency that is a CONvergence concom meeting, invited them to the Volunteer Party since they were meeting the same day anyway, and thanked them for the help & assistance they'd given us so far. After that we made a quick run to Dreamhaven to get the new Girl Genius issue, and stopped at the Chipotle in St. Louis Park for dinner before heading home to go to bed & toss and turn half the night. Bah.

Speaking of the Volunteer Party, it turns out to be on the same day as the StippleAPA collation. Damn. Damn.
Tags: convergence, domestic stuff
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