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Okay, assuming that's all true - what's your point?

No, not a political topic.

The visit to the vein specialist was strange, and I'm still uncertain what to make of it. The doctor seems to think that the massage and stockings are doing me good, but she went on at great length about the necessity of losing weight, methods and useful tricks, all that stuff, and threw in motivational examples to boot. All stuff that I'm well aware of, and it was...irritating, yes, irritating and annoying to have to sit there and listen to this sort of thing from a vein specialist. I don't mind it so much from my GP, but when you go to a specialist you want to hear them peak to their specialty and not regale you with accounts of people who have lost massive quantities of weight with a little exercise and a little journaliing. Worse yet, the appointment detoured into motivational territory as apparently the doctor thought I was lacking the desire to do the exercise and weight loss, and needed to be reminded about how good it would be for my kids if I stuck around longer.

Like I was going to stroke out and die next week. As if. Sure, it's possible - at 46 I am coming into the age where a little stress at the wrong time could well make my heart go boom, and not in a good way, but as we say in the sabermetric field, the peripheral numbers don't support that.

I already know I need to do this stuff. Finding time to do it has always been the problem, and under my present straitened, overcommitted circumstances, that time is very hard to come by. I also don't appreciate the "It's for the children!" argument used on me in the personal sphere any more than I do in the political sphere. I'm sure she means well, but I think I'm going to avoid this doctor like the plague from now on. I already have a Jewish mother. I don't need to be paying for one through my health insurance too.

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