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Civilizations in motion

So we wound up playing Civilization III at thaadd's place last night. It was just me, her, Don and jamestrainor, which was just as well since there wasn't room for more than one other person down there.

I can't say I'm too impressed by Civ III as compared to Civilization II: Call to Power, which is my Civicrack of choice. There were a lot of changes in things like land management (workers v. tile improvements), combat (a big step backward, with leaders being required to form armies) , and trade (largely automated internally). I managed to cope moderately well, but wound up on the back end of the bell curve as Don and thaadd's greater experience with the game jamestrainor had a lot of problems with the interface since he hadn't played any of the Civ series before -my mistake, I thought he had- and he wound up starting a futile war against Don's French.

The game wound up sputtering to a halt around 0100 Sunday when Don's PC went dark (power strip failure?) and since James was lacking enthusiasm to continue, even with the prospect of pillaging the ruins of the French Empire, we called it a night, since one of the defects of Civ3 is that you can't save multiplayer games. This is part of the reason I'd recommended C2P, since I know from previous experience that it does save mulriplayer games, but what can you say? It was a good seven hours worth of game play, in any case, and the Afghan beef pizza was pretty good, if a little spicy for James. He wants to try Tiberian Sun next time, but I dunno...thaadd isn't much into the violent games, We'll see what happens.

Today's agenda: laundry and data entry. Dishes are already done. I may empty out the other two milk crates and set up the shelf so that the wargames are better organized.
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