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I would never have pegged him as a Cure fan.

Mulling over this post on petsnakereggie's LJ, I got to thinking about a related topic that came up somewhere else sometime in the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately I was too befuddled by fatigue poisons to deal with it at the time, but as I recall the question had to do with where you met somebody for the first time.

That's not a problem with most of my friends. I know exactly where and when I met maggiedemay, stuckintraffik, and thaadd, for example. However, when and where I met edminster's dad, digex, and more recently chebutykin? They're like missing folders in the file cabinet of my mind. It bothers me sometimes. I can make guesses - I'm pretty sure I met Brian in junior high school, and Doug at one of the summer conventions in the Washington area; as for Melissa, I probably ran into her at Arcana a few years back - but in all their cases, as with others, I don't have that clear snapshot memory of meeting them for the first time. Weird.

Anyway, the meme from petsnakereggie's post is: leave one memory of you and me together. Doesn't have to be anything significant, though if it answers the question of where we met for the first time, that would be cool too.
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