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Just add boiling water.

phoenixalpha wants me to go to Coffee Cauldron tonight, but I am feeling very inert this afternoon due to the chronic lack of sleep, so I think I'll just exchange my box of docs and then get a decent night's sleep for the first time this week - after I excavate the front seat of the Kia.

There's some interesting stuff out there in the blogosphere of late, not the least of which is the return of Gerard Vanderleun, but I don't have the energy to do al the required linkagery at the moment, to say nothing of writing a brief appreciation of the Dresden Dolls. For now it suffices to say that they combine the best features of Cabaret and Hole, and leave it at that.

Currently reading:
C.J. Cherryh's Finity's End and Tripoint

On deck:
Clive Barker's The Great And Secret Show (better than Neil Gaiman's American Gods, according to Stephen Jones) and Tim Powers' Earthquake Weather, which had been at Uncle Hugo's for an entire hour before I snapped it up.


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