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What the hell was in those greens, anyway?

So I've got the raving munchies at 1100, and I get the brilliant idea to do the salad bar at Dayton's Skyroom (shut up, I know the store is Marshall Fields and soon to be Macy's but the Skyroom is, was, and always will be Dayton's ) with phoenixalpha and windelina, which was fun because Windy was still full of cranky from yesterday and she's pretty funny when she's cranky. The two ladies hadn't met each other before, though they'd seen each other around Convergence and of course phoenixalpha knew who windelina was, but not in a "Hi, how ya doin'? Wanna do lunch?" way.
Anyhow, the lunch was good even though the Thousand Island dressing was way too heavy and probably spiked with MSG or Quaaludes or something since I was a spaced-out wreck for about an hour after I got back from lunch. That passed, and I did all the files that had shown up while I was at lunch, and now I need to go catch the #4 bus home, saving some busfare in the process, before I collect my drugs and head off to the Asylum to celebrate the fount of finely aged wisdom that is cajones.

Tomorrow, it'll be laundry, check delivery to redmartel, the purchase of shelving, and similar wild excitements before I settle down for the evening with a large mug of tea and an even larger stack of documents. Tally-ho, what?