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I picked a bad time to stop doing rosin bags

Man alive, things have been busy in the world of independent baseball. I pop over to the Saints website to find out who won the Northern League pennant this year and find out they've left the league and taken Sioux Falls, Sioux City, and Lincoln (Nebraska) with them to form the core of a new American Association. According to the posts on the nlfan.com forums, the main issue seems to be Mike Veeck, Marv Goldklang and others finally having had enough of salary cap violations by Fargo, Winnipeg and others, which were not punished by the league as harshly as they should have been.

Not only that, but the Central League (the successor to the Texas-Louisiana League) seems to be breaking up, with some teams heading for a new United Baseball League. Oy. Forget the players; you can barely keep track of the leagues and teams without a scorecard.
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