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Now we are (forty) six.

Which feels, unsurprisingly, much like it did last year when I turned 45...one gets up, there are things to do, and one does them. Or not. It's Sunday, tomorrow is Columbus Day and so the office is closed. Aside from recovering the things I left in Krushenko's last night and packing things up for this afternoon's meeting, there's really nothing on the agenda today.

Maybe it was just me, but Arcana didn't seem to have a lot going on this ear. GoH Stephen Jones was good, easily as entertaining as Tim Powers last year, so that wasn't it. It was probably just me. Anna and Mike Waltz were both there as usual, and I spent a fair amount of time talking to both of them. I helped Sybil with the consuite, mainly by doing most of the purchasing, but I'm afraid most of it was wasted since the room was at the other end of the hotel from Krushenko's, the panel room, and the dealers' room. There wasn't very much traffic and I don't think people hung out there very much, if at all; there will probably be a ton of leftovers. I told Eric that we really ought to have the con suite closer to Krushenko's, even if it was across the hall, since the traffic flow was sadly lacking. I also mentioned to him that we might want to move the convention off the Fallcon weekend, since I'm sure chebutykin isn't the only horror fan distracted from Arcana by the lure of comics.

I skipped the auction this year since cash is short, and instead hung out with Anna in Krushenko's noshing and watching Inu-Yasha, Full Metal Alchemist and FLCL, the latter of which is just bizarre. After the anime I went home and went to bed.
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