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Behind the curve

Got the rent paid last night after some financial contortions that I won't bore you with, knocked out another 150 records, and unpacked practically all of my wargames. In the process I found my two duplicate copies of GDW's Arctic Front as well as a mess of other games that will probably join them on the auction block at eBay, since I don't like them very much and don't expect to ever play them. Patton Goes To War, for example. So, considering how tight money is going to be this month, I might as well cash them in and let other people enjoy them.

The next couple of nights are going to be rough. I have something over 800 records to get through before I can turn them in on Thursday, and unfortunately I have things to do both nights, so I'm not even going to have eight hours to do them in. Unless, of course, I stay up late on Thursday, which I was hoping to avoid since it's going to make Friday night at Arcana very painful. We'll see how things work out...also need to find out whether I'm getting paid weekly for this work or biweekly, since it could make a big difference to the cash flow.
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