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Don't you wish you didn't function, don't you wish you didn't think

Well, I can't say I'm too surprised that I picked up a pound and a half last week. Didn't get a lot of sleep, didn't exercise much, and there were a couple of days when I just ate like a hog. So the current bout of Weight Watchers ends with a net gain of two pounds, which sucks...but isn't too surprising. Next cycle should be better, assuming that this data entry job doesn't completely destroy my sleep rhythms...but putting the blame on the job is just wrong. It wasn't the job that kept me up late Friday and Saturday nights to the point where I couldn't get to sleep Sunday night at a decent hour and wound up crashing last night a little after eight PM...and kept hitting the snooze button until I finally crawled out of bed this morning at 0600. I really have to knock off this late-night crap, because at my age and in my state of health it's going to kill me sooner rather than later.

In contrast to the weight situation, I'm packing it in on the college courses for this quarter.
I badly need to take some time and finish up the things I've left hanging in the hope that the instructors will be merciful and give me a passing grade, and I can't really do that while I'm dealing with new stuff. This is also going to put a crimp in my finances, since I usually have money left over after the student loans that I can use on outstanding bills, but that's not going to happen this semester. On the other hand, I do have that part-time job, if it doesn't kill me first.

I'm going to Arcana because I said I would help Sybil with the hospitality suite, and because I'd probably waste the $35 membership on something else if I didn't go. On the other hand, Consume is defniitely off the table, and I'm having serious doubts about Omegacon, as much as some people would like to see me there. 'sblood! I haven't even paid for a membership at AD yet!
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