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Cheap, exotic and filling

So I picked up El-Hazard: The Wanderers at The Right Stuf, since it was on sale for $40 at the time, and since I'd seen some of it before this seemed like a good way to find out how the rest of it goes.

Now, I knew going into it that some people thought the TV version of the story just sucked rocks, but since I hadn't seen the entire first OVA I wasn't inclined to be quite that critical, and after finally wrapping it up last night I can cheerfully say that it wasn't all that bad. There are enough changes from the OVA to make it more than just a family-friendly remake, and while there are tinges of harem comedy to it, it's not obnoxious. I'd recommend it to anyone, especially since Right Stuf just knocked another five bucks off the price.
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