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Wargame detritus, eBay, and a world next door

Crawled out of bed this morning at 1100, barely in time to be dressed before redmartel showed up with receipts. I'm not sure how coherent I was, since I hadn't gone to bed until around 0430 on account of watching the last episodes of El-Hazard: The Wanderers, playing SimCity, and otherwise wasting my time after crunching the data for Up All Nite until after the Saturday night metal circus fired up. They had some good stuff in the first hour, but it went downhill quickly, so I finished up the verification and called it a night.

Shortly after redmartel left, I managed to get a shower in before tjstriker and Scott called to talk shop about art show payments and the ongoing headache of staffing the security department. Then I ate breakfast, turned on the Twins, and began to beat on the data entry. This continued until the games was over, at which point I started my laundry (would have done it before, but a new neighbor beat me to the washer) and started clearing out a few boxes of stuff. I unpacked a couple of boxes that were mostly wargames and stray parts, which I've taken to dumping in a large envelope that's mostly full of War In Europe counters, since that's what most of the strays are anyway. The laundry, unpacking, and a trip to the Cub killed enough time so that I gave up on going to this month's MinneTokyo meeting,

So I threw more stuff on eBay, figuring out along the way that I was missing too many counters from 1942 to sell it with a clear conscience (though Korea may be a candidate for the resale market if I can ever find my copy of Operational Art of War) but finding enough stuff to make it worth the time.

I also wanted to mention Ben Katchor in connection with James Lileks' Long Gone collection of the Minneapolis that was in pictures, the Hirschoff Collection down at the Hennepin History Museum (also see Down & Out, and Room at the Bottom) , not apropos of anything in particular, but it occasionally strikes me as I'm riding through the older and scruffier parts of town - what if? What if some people had gotten their way and things downtown stayed pretty much the way they were in the 1950s, without the massive urban renewal? What if the changes had come more slowly, so that instead of the questionable profitability and glitziness of Block E we still had all the old bars and the "other" Shinder's down where the Borders is now? Developers spend millions trying to create "authenticity" and "urban flavor", but that's the sort of thing you can't really build from scratch.

Someday, server space and 3-D graphics software will be cheap enough so that the Gateway District's Skid Row will come back to life, after a fashion, and you'll be able to walk the streets and see the old buildings as they were, but it won't be the same.
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