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Dithering over hexgrids

I should quit torturing myself by looking at the eBay wargame auctions. I don't have my collection sorted out well enough to even know what all I have and what condition it's in - for all I know I have duplicates and triplicates of some games stashed away in the piles of boxes strewn around the apartment, so buying more games when I'm short on money as I am now is just insane. On the other hand, I don't really want to be selling off my old games right left and center. I don't have a lot of time to play them now, but there will be time later, as well as a table to lay out the maps on.

Still, it's awfully tempting when I see the prices some of these games are going for. My God...a gigantic piece of crap like SPI's Atlantic Wall is over $110 right now, which adjusted for inflation is pretty much what it cost back in the 1980s, but it makes you wonder what I'd get for my copy of Eric Goldberg's Kursk if I sorted it out and made sure all the pieces were there...which is another part of the problem, since I'm finding bags of game pieces here and there as I unpack, to say nothing of stray pieces. It'll be a challenge to get them all put back together.

I doubt I'll actually wind up selling any of my games, unless I find a bunch of duplicates or a bunch of games that I didn't really like to play and would be happy to get rid of. Fighting Sail, for example.
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