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How I wish that there were more than 24 hours in a day

Me and Jello Biafra, yeah.

I managed to enter and verify the rest of my box o'work last night, finishing up around 0130 this morning. I sent the resulting file in, and chose to drive up to North Minneapolis to turn in the box because I knew if I waited until later in the morning after I'd gotten 5-6 hours of sleep I'd be trying to fight my way downtown through unfamiliar streets or get logjammed on I-94, and I didn't like either of those two options. Got back home and into bed by 0230, which means I'm minimally functional today...and that only because I used up one of my emergency cans of Boss Coffee this morning. Aggghhh. At least I have a better idea how long it takes to whip out a box of records now, so I shouldn't have to pull another late night blitz like this again.

On the to-do list: finishing up my apazine for the collation tomorrow and getting a full night's sleep so I can crank on the data entry in the morning before I head over to David & Judies for the ritual assembly of the disty. This will be StippleAPA 215, and it gives me a warm feeling to know that I've been there for most of it.

I also need to pack up the CDs and the copy of The Sims Deluxe Edition that sold on eBay this week, as well as throw some more stuff up there. I'm seriously considering selling my copy of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, which seemed to lose its freshness fairly quickly in terms of game play...while it had similarities to the Civilization series of games, having to work within the constraints of each faction's political/social/economic system became very frustrating very quickly, so I can't say I'll miss it a lot. As it is, the net from this week's auctions ought to keep the Kia in gas for the next week, especially since I'm not planning on driving around a whole lot.
Tags: domestic stuff, games, the bush of fandom
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