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The Jimmy Castor Bunch on my LJ

Ganked from michaellee:

Chances are people you don't even know
are being introduced to your journal every day, either randomly or
through someone else. In addition to recent entries, people can get to
know you better by what you posted in the past. With that in mind post
a link to your entries on this day exactly six months ago, nine months
ago, a year ago, and two years ago. If there was no entry on that day,
link the closest date.

March 28, 2005
Lots o' Minicon stuff, including an unintentionally incendiary link to HRMP stuff off the after action report, some reflections on local fan history, and the Dead Dodo Party.

December 28, 2004
Fear of Fritterware, Settlers of Catan, and HALO practice.

September 28, 2004
Meditations on women and weight. Apparently I was still reovering from the Swedish Death Flu.

There is no entry for 9/28/03, since I didn't start the LJ until the spring of 2004.
This post was updated and corrected; for some stupid reason I was retrieving posts from the 24th and not the 28th. Oops.
Tags: memeage
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