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Mixed messages

On the one hand, the biopsy of the growth burned off my leg last week came back negative; on the other hand, my A1C is up to 7.6 from 7.0 and my doctor doesn't like the looks of my lipids. So I guess the outlook is for continued slow death as opposed to a rapid cancerous demise, and I'm all in favor of the Grim Reaper taking his time showing up.

I suspect the increase in the blood sugar has a lot to do with things getting screwed up the last couple of weeks - ran out of a couple of medications a day or two apart, and before that there was all the stress of the move. Still, the doctor's prescribing an extra 15mg of Actos a day...between that and getting back on track with the diet, I should be seeing a lot of blood sugar readings in the green pretty soon.
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