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The same career in the same town

Spent most of yesterday either sleeping in or working on the new side job, after staying up until the wee hours on Friday night/Saturday morning talking movies and finance and anime with redmartel, Lauren, and stuckintraffik.

Saturday began inauspiciously as my phone woke me up. phoenixalpha needed a lift to her side job, a data entry outfit that actually lives up to the infamous "Make Money At Home" ad banner. She hadn't given me any particular ETA for the place, which was in North Minneapolis, so I slouched around, taking my time, until she finally mentioned that her new boss was waiting for her and wondering what was taking so long. That got me moving. We got there fairly quickly, and since her new employers are looking for experienced data entry people I signed on to help out. I've got a box of 819 records to enter and verify by Thursday night, and even with the outing to see Serenity Tuesday night I should be able to knock that out pretty easily. It took me four hours to do 150 records last night, but I was screwing around and doing other stuff between records instead of just pushing straight through to get it done. Unfortunately, since I started late, I was up late enough to hear The Root of All Evil, once again without the Root Man, which meant that once again I slept in and caught up on the sleep I missed last week.

Today, with the Twins stuck in a rain delay, it looks like a good day to wash dishes, do data entry, and just hang out.
Tags: domestic stuff, family drama
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