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Frequent blogger rewards

Thanks to Professor Death and Townhall.com, I'm going to be seeing Serenity next Tuesday night, and I shall, as requested, sing for my supper the next day right in this here LJ. Which should pimp the movie to what, five or six people who don't already know how cool Joss Whedon is? Well, as I said in a comment over at qob's joint, it's nice to get something back from the VRWC once in a while. ^^

Still sick with the cold. Wound up working late last night and so ate dinner at Panchero's over in Block E instead of going home and doing the soup thing; I figure the salsa picante did me about as much good. I also got the additional pleasure of watching the Phillies stick it to the Braves, taking a three-run lead which they later built into a 4-0 shutout. No damage from the storm on my end of town, and the rain didn't even start up until I was already home at ~8:30, by which time I had my drugs and a full tank of cheap gas from SA. I wasted some time surfing the blogosphere and answering mail before turning off the desktop and doing the dishes; tonight I think I'll just skip the blogs and the mail and just take care of garbage and the empty boxes that have accumulated while I've been unpacking. I may also set up a couple of the milk crates as expedient shelves, and stash some more things in the living room...thing. It would be a dresser if it were in the bedroom; I suppose the right word is buffet? Dunno for sure. Anyway, it has a bunch of space I'm not using very well right now, and I have a bunch of cassette tape racks and wargames that would go very nicely in the main cavity, to say nothing of the other things I could tuck into the drawers. We'll see how I feel when I get home.
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