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Today's linkagery

Walter Mossberg tests emergency power systems in the Wall Street Journal today; oddly, he doesn't mention this firm, which markets a line of lightweight foldable solar recharging units for everything from cellphones and AA batteries to laptop computers. They also make these tents, which ought to be really popular among the high-tech camping set. (Via Instapundit; I'd seen the article in the DT edition of the Journal but hadn't realized they'd put it online for free.)

Gerard Vanderleun is moving from Laguna Beach to Seattle and has left a best-of collection of posts to tide us over until he starts regular blogging again. Posts I haven't linked to in the past but highly recommend include The Daughter That Disappeared, The Man Who Carried The Dark Lantern, and The "Brights".

Glenn Reynolds (among others) has been pushing the Porkbusters project, an attempt by the blogosphere and some fiscally conservative Republicans to claw back some of the pork in the transportation bill and use it to pay for Hurricane Katrina recovery. You can get involved: look up a project on NZ Bear's Porkbusters page, and get hold of your Congressman or Senator to see if they'll let loose of the pork. There's an awful lot of stuff on that list that should be paid for out of local dollars and not by sticking Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and now Texas with the bill via Washington.

Michelle Malkin is mad as hell about the new nominee to head ICE -that's la migra for my Hispanic readers ^^- and has a lot of company. Any time you get the Washington Post and National Review Online agreeing that something's a bad idea, it almost certainly is.

Speaking of NRO, this blip on Senator McCain disgusted me. What price conservatism if fiscal rectitude trumps a cavalier attitude towards the First Amendment?

And finally, Jane Galt has a couple of posts on poverty and peer pressure and the intersection of poverty with Katrina to produce a social disaster.

Have fun.
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