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Dermatologist's sanction

My afternoon at work was broken up by an appointment with my dermatologist out in Eagan, who generally approved of the way my legs and feet are coming along - with the exception of the irritation and consequent itchiness caused by the bandages my physical therapists have been strapping onto me. She says that's got to stop, and prescribed some zip-up support stockings. I'll have to call Apria and schedule a fitting for those, and also find out from Definity whether there's a limit on the number of those things I can have...kind of like eyeglasses under most vision plans. She also prescribed a less-destructive steroid cream, since the Clobetizol I'm using now is great on the scarred mess of my right calf but unfortunately tends to thin the skin out too much for regular use on less damaged parts of my appendages. Considering that my skin is already working like a galley slave as it is trying to get rid of all the waste products my failing veins and overloaded lymph nodes can't handle, that thinning is the last thing I need since it makes damage and consequent infection so much easier.

One quick hit before I head out the door: Cobb muses about pluralism, the necessity and ubiquity of rich people in America, what to say to difficult friends about Iraq, and gives me further reasons to avoid a movie that I wasn't much interested in to begin with.

Time to go home and do some more unpacking. Or something.
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