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That's how we do it nowadays

The Board meeting was underway when I got there, which I expected since I was running late this morning - good thing I elected to forgo the bandages and just get rolling. As I expected, phoenixalpha was returned to the Board; the rest of the business was dealt with quickly and then it was on to the regular staff meeting. I'm not going to bore you wqith the details. Suffice it to say that it went pretty smoothly, all things considered, and we got quite a bit accomplished in 2.5 hours. Staff has been bulking up nicely, we're going to have plenty of volunteers, and it looks like we're going to have things organized much better than last year - which wasn't that bad at all, really. It helps that the increased bulk of staff means that things that used to be piled onto a few people can now be farmed out to indivisuals. That's a damn good thing.

After the meeting, a bunch of us went over to the Eastern Buffet in Richfield and mostly avoided shoptalk, unless you consider talking about AMVs shop talk...and since we weren't talking about the AMV contest (much) I don't think it was.

Not going to get any work done on the Neon Knights project tonight...all this hauling stuff up and down stairs has made me tired. I might go out and gas up the Sportage, since I do have an appointment out in Eagan tomorrow afternoon; might also pick up some pop or other carbonated fluids to keep around the house, since water gets a bit old. Might just go to bed early.

Your moment of fanboy Zen for tonight: Azumanga Daioh meets NGE. From the twisted mind that brought you the Utena Daioh AMV. Eeee.
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