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Me, the laundry, and other work in progress

Oh, was that dim sum ever good...and relatively cheap, considering how much I stuffed my face. piman, jariten, amelia, and a couple of folks who knew danae through craigslist were also there, so there was plenty of conversation along with the "Jesus buns", duck, shu mai, pot stickers, lightbulbs, and other delicious examples of Chinese appetizer-type stuff. There was also a bowl of tripe soup, which almost nobody sampled, but the less said about that the better. Anyway, that was well worth the wait and the money, and I'm thinking it would be a great place to take the guests and sponsors for breakfast on Saturday morning before the work of the day begins.

Ran errands, took phoenixalpha home after dragooning her into helping me clear some stuff out of the storage locker and into the apartment, but she got a new wireless router as consolation. It's the same model as the one she bought for the old apartment, but cost me about a sixth as much since I used a $30 Office Depot Advantage reward card on it and there's $20 worth of rebates too. So I paid $19 for it after the rebates and stuff. It was well worth it, since tearing down the existing network and replacing it with new gear would have been a real pain. Next time she's over she can take her other box of stuff home. ^^

When I got back from Wal-Mart, the mail was in. Junk, Reader's Digest, ads, and a letter from our old landlords, who think we're going to cough up almost $2000 because they decided to replace the carpet and the stove. Well, they can whistle for that - the carpet wasn't in that bad a shape, and the stove might have needed cleaning but it worked just fine. The other, relatively minor damage would have been covered by the additional, nonrefundable pet deposit. Guess we'll be seeing them in court, and I think we can beat this - we have a lot more witnesses, and I rather doubt they took pictures to prove their point, but we'll see.

Thought briefly about going to the MNSTF pool party, but decided against it...the stress and fatigue of this week has really worn on me, I have a staff meeting and a board meeting tomorrow, and I still have laundry to get done tonight. Besides, with all this stuff at home I can entertain myself just fine. I just need to remember not to scratch!
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