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A day without bandages

This morning I stripped off the bandages and showered for the first time since Tuesday morning. Sweet bleeding Jesus, I almost cried with pleasure feeling the near-scalding water on my poor abused legs. I'm going to smear steroids and moisturizer all over my feet and legs and wear shoes today, and put in a good 90 minutes in the compressions sleeves - thirty minutes this morning before dim sum with danae, phoenixalpha and whoever shows up, and a good solid hour tonight before I strap those bandges on again. Part of the deal is that I have to go to Wal-Mart or someplace and get masking tape, since the therapists don't want me using the metal Ace bandage clips and for the one day that the bandages will be on, masking tape will do very nicely.

The rest of the day will involve a run to the Box Shop to get things for Patrick and the techies to play with (a Compaq Deskpro PC and an iPaq workstation) so that we can determine whether setting up a secure wireless network and e-mail station(s) for our guests is going to work with cheap refurbed/salvaged gear or whether we're looking at another big bucks project.

Aside from that, I have no plans except for unpacking and putting away more stuff, doing some laundry (one of the reasons I'm leaving the bandages off today is that they add to my inertia by making everything 500% harder) and hopefully not being distracted by SimCity 3000 or some other chunk o'software. Like, say, Windows Movie Maker! I wonder if I could jump-start that Neon Knights project with it?

Maybe I'll lean on phoenixalpha to finish my HALO icon. I think I need something better to express a good mood than an animated Ginny Weasley. #^_^#
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