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The plot continues to thicken

Looking at today's strip and Monday's strip I think Fred has set himself on a path to perpetual employment. He can keep doing Megatokyo until he gets tired of it or until he dies, whichever comes first, because at this point he has enough subplots going to keep the strip running as long as Blondie or Gasoline Alley. Hopefully he and Seraphim are going to have a kid, because if this runs as long as I think it could, we may need another mangaka named Gallagher to take over in 50-60 years.

In other news, I finally got home at 7:15 last night, dog-tired as a result of hiking down to the parking ramp behind Butler Square by way of the Nicollet Mall LRT stop. Dealt with e-mail, looked at various things online, and ate dinner before going off to bed, where I went prospecting for new AMVs for an hour or so before going to sleep. I notice that AMV.org is having one of the periodic financial crises that afflict organizations that exist through the kindness of strangers; basically, 1% of the people that use the site are donating, which is not really enough to satisfy the ever-increasing demands for bandwidth. ATC donated a few hundred bucks to AMV.org last year out of gratitude to Kris McCormic and the rest of the crew, since we've traditionally run a lot of AMVs at our room parties and not too many of them come from the (admittedly formidable) local talent. I think we need to do that again this year, and maybe pimp the site a little to our members.

More physical therapy this morning, which I made it to on time for once by actually getting up at 6 AM and getting on the road at 6:45. What a difference fifteen minutes makes! It was clear sailing up to the Crosstown, over to 100, and up to the hospital. More flogging of lymph nodes ensued, followed by a demonstration of bandaging, since I'll be doing it myself this weekend. Even with taking Wirth Parkway to 55, I got into work nice and early (9:30) which means I won't have to stay so late tonight and may actually have the energy to get some laundry and more unpacking done.
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