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Ye crappye starte to ye weekende

Actually, last night went pretty well. I loaded six boxes/milk crates worth of stuff from the old apartment into the Sportage, along with the folding chairs, Christmas tree (which really belongs to phoenixalpha), the broom, the carpet protector, and a barracks bag full of...stuff. There's a Maryland state flag in there, and something that rattles at the bottom of the bag. Guess I'll find out Monday night after I get back from AI. I then drove over to see jamestrainor, drop off the box of his stuff, and enlist his help in schlepping all the stuff up to the apartment. He did most of the heavy lifting, since I was pretty bushed from hauling all the stuff downstairs from the old apartment, and I expressed my gratitude with beef. We sat around in the Arby's off Portland and 494 and barely made it to the storage area in time to get in and load up the Room Party Kit and several bags of cans and bottles I'm going to drop off at the Hy-Vee in Des Moines for the deposit.

I dropped him off at his place and then went home to crash. After doing the cuff thing. And, lo, I did sleep for many hours...until 7:30 this morning when I realized I had somehow managed to sleep through the alarm. The rest of the morning went straight to hell after that, of course. I guess I'll be here until 5:45, which at least will spare me from having to start the long drive to Des Moines by fighting the tail end of rush hour. Yay.
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