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Another wasted half-day of PTO

Well, my first physical therapy session was this morning, only no actual therapy occurred. Most of the appointment was spent on examining my legs, explaining to me what was going to happen, and taking care of other administrivia. I was hoping to use some of the rest of the morning off to get in and salvage a few things from the old apartment, but it looks like that's not going to happen since the RM isn't returning my calls. So I guess I'll just slap together a couple of sandwiches and drive over to the Knox Avenue P&R to catch the next 535 into town.

I'm going to have to talk to my supervisor about how these PT sessions are going to work as far as time off goes. Best case, after the appointments I can make it downtown and be at the office by 9:30, but a week's worth of that (3 appointments) is going to leave me with three hours of time to make up, and I'm not sure how that's going to work out. If I try to save money by parking in one of the cheap lots -like, say, behind Liquor Depot over on Washington Avenue- it's going to require me to make up even more time. Thanks to the stupid department attendance policy, I can't take PTO in less than 4-hour chunks, either, so I don't have that option unless I want to burn a lot of PTO real fast - and I'm not even sure I have that much left to burn. Yay.

UPDATE: Well, that was premature...the RM called me back while I was on the 535 heading downtown, and she told me to pick sometime tonight to come down and recover my stuff. So I'll be heading out there to do so at 6:30. I dunno how I'm going to fit that table into the Kia, but I'll think of something.
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