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This week has no Tuesday or Thursday

Nope, it starts with a Monday (replacing Tuesday) followed by a normal Wednesday (truncated by a physical therapy appointment) and then Friday comes up a day early, shoving Thursday off onto the shoulder to wait for next week.

Finished unpacking the kitchen stuff yesterday, and realized that the saucepan whose lid I found in one of the boxes had been left behind, as had hangers, garbage bags, and the power supply for my Zip drive. Had I not been so burned out last Friday I might have remembered these things (as well as the folding chairs) but I didn't. Well, perhaps I'll get another shot at removing them tomorrow morning. We'll see.

In the meantime, I have over 300 books cataloged. The bookshelf built into the closet by the door is now nearly full, and the top shelf has been double-stacked with paperbacks. The old bookshelf is also almost full, though I'm not double-stacking that like I did at the old apartment. For sure, I need to invest in more booksheves. BTW, that 300 doesn't count all the Major League and Minor League Handbooks and Baseball Almanacs I picked up while working on the RBR, nor does it count manga collections...it also doesn't count duplicate copies of books. There's a stack of those slowly growing, and I'm undecided as to whether I should sell them to Uncle's or Half Price Books, or just donate them to michaellee's nascent book drive? On the one hand, I'm pretty strapped for cash in the wake of the move, but on the other, I'm doing a lot better than the refugees.
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