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On the first day of my summer vacation...

I slept in. Was supposed to get together with stuckintraffik, Scott, and Melody for some four-way HALO fragfest action, but what with one thing and another I didn't get over there until after 2, at which point we discovered that M&S wouldn't be there for another hour...which turned into 4-5 hours, so stuckintraffik and I blasted away at stuff in co-op mode.

After M&S showed up, we fell back on the usual Hobbesian mayhem, this time using some new maps. Lots of fun, but around 10 PM we had to call it a night so stuckintraffik could go pick up Lauren from work and Melody could head off to clean up & otherwise get ready for the night shift.

Not going to the State Fair, since I need to conserve what little cash I have for AI. Tomorrow will probably be spent laying around, washing dishes, unpacking, and maybe some swimming, depending on the weather.
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